Dustin Turner

Tattoo artist

Dustin Turner has always been passionate about art since high school and his passion has always been to create art for other people to experience, that's where tattooing comes from! He's always been focused on making clients feel comfortable and confident with their designs to make sure you have the best experience.

Hourly rate
Medium projects go at a rate by rate pricing model

Dustin Turner is a young and bright artist who started his art skills at a young age and kept his passion going by practicing his skills and joining the tattoo industry, constantly kept practicing building his confidence In his work! Dustin is currently on an apprenticeship working with Ryan Schepp, owner of Cream City Tattoo.

Thank you for your interest in my work!

For a upcoming tattoo artist Dustin is very passionate in his work ,Tattooing is important to him cause it's a gratifying feeling that nothing else can give ,He looks forward to meeting new and interesting people through out his day! He will always work with you and youre designed to serve you're needs.Dustin is open to what designes clients are looking for but he loves black and grey! He's also intrested in dark art or horror tattoos! Tattoos that depict supernatural,surreal ,or spooky imagery! He loves to draw ,tattoing and fish on his free time.