You might ask yourself why

You might ask yourself why "Cream City" in the heart of "Granite City"?

Having been born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. I have deep heartfelt respect for my hometown, but much like the old turn of the century Milwaukee settlers, needed a change, a change in life that would bring significant achievement and technical advancement. Immigrants came in to Milwaukee to showcase their hard work and desire to create in their new found land. My relocation to the Saint Cloud area brought me here in late 2006. Since then I have comprised one of the best clientele, and helpful groups of friends a person could ask for.

Milwaukee was popularly known as "Cream City" for it's extensive use of cream-colored bricks during the city's earlier development. Settlers found that the calcium rich local clay produced this attractive cream-colored brick. These bricks were not only pleasing to the eye, but often superior in strength as well as excellent color-retention properties. By the year 1880 the bricks were being produced at a rate of 15 million each year and shipped across the country, including Saint Cloud, MN. Even today, still standing the test of time, Milwaukee and Saint Cloud alike are scattered with historic buildings, businesses, and homes built with these cream colored bricks.

I hope you will appreciate my humble attempt at recapturing the historic feel of this gone, but certainly not forgotten time as I bring to you,

Cream City Tattoo.

Thank you,

Ryan Schepp