Taelor, a Minnesota native, has been passionate about art since childhood, engaging in coloring, drawing, and painting. His personable nature and confidence shine through in his ability to transform clients' ideas into stunning, lifelong tattoos.

Big projects 1-2 months out:
Small projects 2-3 weeks.


Pricing Model/Inquiry

Taelor's unmatched skill in creative realism and illustrations, combined with his openness and determination to deliver a high quality of work to his clients make him a no-brainer choice for your next tattoo.

Second Bio

Taelor's tattooing artistry reflects his diverse interests, specializing in black and grey creative realism, illustrations, and custom designs with bold outlines and vibrant colors. His portfolio includes dark/occult themes, Japanese/anime-inspired art, realism/portraits, and a passion for all things nerdy, like video games and Star Wars. He's open to a wide range of tattoo ideas that align with his artistic style.

Artist Info

Thank you for your interest in my work!

Taelor was born in a small town in mid Minnesota, and started honing his art skills from a young age constantly coloring, drawing and painting. Considering he is very personable he is confident in turning peoples ideas into life long pieces of art!

(Please note that I will be available after late May)